Monday, April 14, 2008

Vote Tuesday on Local Schools

No matter what exit you are from, you can always find something to sound off about here in the Garden State. As we file our tax returns, a twist of fate finds our annual school elections falling on April 15th. Annual school elections, you say? Sadly, if you have never voted in a local school election, you ARE in the overwhelming majority in this state. We've gotta change that.

Why should you vote tomorrow?

First of all, because you can.

And then, it is because this election allows you to choose who will be your local voice in school governance. School board trustees are non-partisan elected officials whose decisions affect the policies of school districts, the hiring of school administrators and provide a recommendation to the voting public on the way funds are budgeted in the school district -- including the negotiation of the contracts of district educators.

So, if you have strong opinions on education in your school districts and the way funds are appropriated from your local property tax dollars (the major source of all school revenue in NJ), then plan to vote tomorrow.

By law, polls are open by mandates from 5pm-9pm; districts can choose to expand these mandatory times.

The Progress gives a snapshot of the elections.

Some specific budget info can be found here:
Caldwell/West Caldwell Budget Info
North Caldwell
West Essex Regional District
Essex Fells

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